Thomson Plumbing & Gasfitting also install, service, and maintain gas equipment.
We carry out new installations of gas water heating, storage or instantaneous (Rinnai, Rheem, Palomo & Bosch). We install gas heaters to keep you cosy either in your living room, family room or hallway.
Thomson Plumbing & Gasfitting are available to install the popular radiator heating systems. Run by gas you will get the benefit of whole-house heating. Water is heated in the boiler & then circulated through radiators in each room. A thermostat is installed & this controls the house temperature, which you can alter. The thermostat is installed with a timer so the heating can be on low at night & then turn on in the morning so you wake up to a warm home.
Other gas services we offer:
Annual gas servicing
We carry out gas appliance servicing so your gas appliance is kept in top condition. Appliances become a bit of a dust trap, so by cleaning them out including the fan (if one is fitted) the air flow is kept as clean as possible. Often the gas appliance will need the gas pressure correcting to what the manufacture designed the appliance to work at. We check the flue & flashing to make sure all is correct. If we know an appliance is coming to the end of its useful life, we can estimate when the best time is to replace it, rather than wait until it breaks down & have the inconvenience of no heating or hot water.
Appliances we service: Hot water cylinders, instantaneous water heaters (Infinity's etc) heaters, of all kinds room heaters (flued & unflued).
Repairing gas appliances
Replacement of old & faulty gas equipment
Installing new gas appliances
If you always wanted a gas hob but don't have piped gas, then you can have one with the use of LPG. Using 9kg BBQ style bottles a pipe is run & connected to the hob.
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